Pasture Board

$225.00 per month.

Large pastures w/individual feeding paddocks.

Pasture Board Includes:
  • Large Arena (275′ by 175′) with jumps and arrels.
  • There is a large shady round pen for training and warm ups.
  • The barn has a large Tack Room and a restroom.
  • The pastures have shelters.
  • Mares and geldings in seperate pastures.
  • There are miles of dirt roads to ride.
  • We have a regular ferrier or you can bring your own.
  • New horse owners are welcome. Instruction available.
  • Once daily feedings in seperate feeding paddocks.Hard keepers are fed twice a day.
We have most of the Clinton Anderson training videos for you to borrow.

The round pen is shady in the summer!

Who is This? Of course it’s Linda but who’s that with her? It’s Monty Roberts the original horse whisperer.